Pakistan reaches 1,000 cases of coronavirus infection faster than Italy

coronavirus cases

Pakistan has now crossed over 1,000 confirmed cases of the Corona virus. The speed with which coronavirus cases are reported is alarming.

To take into account, Pakistan reported its 1,000th case faster than Italy, which is now the epicenter.

Pakistan imposed strict closures to limit the spread of the Corona virus. Given the shortage of health care facilities in the country, it could be bleak for Pakistan if the public does not comply with these restrictions.

Italy reported its first case of coronavirus on January 30, while Pakistan reported it on February 26.

It took Pakistan only 29 days to confirm its 1,000th case. Italy confirmed just over 600 cases in the first 29 days after the first case was confirmed.

Indeed, Italy surpassed the 1,000 mark on March 7, 38 days after the first reported case. Now, Italy has seen about 7,000 deaths and 70,000 people infected by the Corona virus.

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